Emoncms MyElectric App not showing all feeds

App settings not showing all feeds, so i cant set the right feed for the different settings.
Ist only show a few.


Assuming you are referring to the Android app? What feeds are showing vs not showing?

What Emoncms are you connecting to? Emoncms.org or local version? If local what version?

Could you included a screen grab of the app showing the issue and your Emoncms Feed List

on my webserver with emoncms.
installed the app folder.

settings to my_solar only have one node out of 8 possible.

Ah ok, you are referring to the Emoncms MyElectric app.

The feeds need to be in PHPFINA to use the app. See user guide.

Could you post a screen grab of your Emoncms Feed List? This will allow us to see what feed engine your feeds are using. What version Emoncms are you running.

@TrystanLea should be able to advise if you need to convert feeds to a different feed engine.

that makes sense. Thanks


I’ve been using the Emoncms MyElectric app for years with a mySQL feed but it doesn’t work when I try to update, the same for my dashboard.

All my feeds are mySQL as I have a nowrite version using the emoncms web output and no inputs via emon but directly to mySQL via script.
Can I update at some point or should I keep the older version?


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