Emoncms mariadb hangs loading dashboard

Hi i’m using emoncms on a raspberry PI 2 from 6 months with no problems.
Now i see that emoncms hangs when i open the dashboards, i see that mysql mariadb gangs with 100% cpu for some minutes than all is solved and i can open again dashboard.
If i never close the dasboard there arent problem but when i turn on my pc and open the dasboard the system hangs a lot and i’m frustrated.

Nothing on emoncms log really i not know how to solve the problem.
Screenshot 2024-05-31 090145

Hello @marko.gem sounds like there is a widget in the dashboard that must be causing some kind of infinite loop. Can you share a screen shot of the dashboard that is causing this issue?

It might be worth deleting the dashboard and rebuilding it bit by bit until the problem surfaces again, if it does do so?

Thanks for your reply, i have a second dash and if i open that i have same problem, probably there is same widget

By the way i try to make a new dash

Could you share some screenshots of the dashboard. Im afraid I dont know what might be causing the issue yet so will need a lot more detail to try and work this out.

Once a reboot the system not have problem for some days