Emoncms Log Warning

I just installed on a RPI4 emonSD-24Jul20 (Stable).
The RPI is connected to the internet by ethernet cable.
When entering the admin window I see that in the Emoncms Log section I have a warning.
Could you tell me how I can fix it or if it’s normal?
Further down in the services section I have the emonPiLCD in failure, I suppose this is because I have no LCD connected?

This is the content of the log file

*2020-11-25 11:35:38.684|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Not connected, retrying connection*
*2020-11-25 11:35:38.731|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0*
*2020-11-25 12:31:59.215|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Not connected, retrying connection*
*2020-11-25 12:31:59.233|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0*
*2020-11-25 13:11:39.655|WARN|index.php|406 Not Acceptable|niceports/Trinity*
*2020-11-25 16:09:09.820|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Not connected, retrying connection*
*2020-11-25 16:09:09.867|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0*
*2020-11-25 16:47:31.271|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Not connected, retrying connection*
*2020-11-25 16:47:31.338|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0*
*2020-11-25 17:32:11.763|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Not connected, retrying connection*
*2020-11-25 17:32:11.833|WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0*
*2020-11-25 17:49:21.776|ERROR|index.php|Not Admin|admin/view*
*2020-11-25 17:49:26.442|ERROR|index.php|Not Admin|admin/view*
*2020-11-25 18:40:30.172|ERROR|index.php|Not Admin|admin/downloadlog*

Yes it does that sometimes, nothing to worry about IME.

The ERROR is because you were not logged in when you accessed a page.

I log in when I access the platform, I do not understand when that access to a page can be generated

Because after a while you will be logged out, but you can still access some parts of the UI when not logged it.

@borpin thanks