Emoncms local data problems with historical data not showing?

I have been using emoncms.org for a few years without much problems except for the past month or so when I had a computer problem which the date on the computer was reset to 2005 !!! I was able to view the live data via my dashboard gauge but the data wasn’t showing up int he history, for the obvious reason for the date problem.

I have now switched over to the local emoncms system and again I’m having this weird problem where I can see the data in the dashboard gauge but no history. First thought was the date but I checked the computer and the date is good. (Its a different computer). I’m using Ubuntu 14.04. My data is coming from a Brultech ecm1240 and sent out by btmon.py to my local emoncms. Previously it was sending it out to emoncms.org … I also have the data sent ot a mysql db to check the data and everything in MySql is perfect, but still no historical data in my local emoncms.

In my local emoncms, I tried to view the data through the Feeds data viewer but nothing downloads even though it may say 2.2MB to download. When I hit the export button, the file is 0 bytes. I try changing the few options with the excel date format etc., but still no luck. I have only 2 channels for 5 feeds (aux1 = inverter1, aux2 = inverter 2, and then the kwh for each and a total). I can’t get the data no matter how I try. I have 3 gauges on my Dashboard, 1 per inverter and 1 total which all show the respective values, but nothing historical at all !! Its been 6 days now and nothing.

I backed up all the information from emoncms.org and all the historical data is there. This was 6 days ago since I’m using the local emoncms, with nothing adding to the previous historical data that was properly ported over. I tried to transfer the dashboards but it didn’t work so I just recreated them. I don’t have much exotic so it was quicker to do it this way …

Any ideas ?? (Its has to be something with the date but I can’t see what emoncms is receiving …) !!