EmonCms inputs page not charging When OpenRemote is starting at startup


I’ve a issue using open remote with emonPi.
I’m using OpenRemote to command all my house. This is working since years (with emonCms since month).

I’ve recently added emonTx to get a feedback of my enregy consumption.

Today I’m able to have emonCms working locally (get data from OpenRemote + emonTx); I’m using the last .img.

The problem is after I make OpenRemote to start automatically at startup.

As soon as I’m doing this command:
sudo update-rc.d openremote defaults

On the next startup, I have an issue with the EmonCms inputs page which is not charging. (OpenRemote is working)
I don’t know where to look to see where this coming from.

As soon as I’ve done this I don’t know how to recover.
By charging the image again, I’m able to make it work again but I need to start manually OpenRemote (and be in a rpi-rw mode) everytimes.

I have two ideas where this could come from:

  1. the fact that the image is in read only ?
  2. the run level I start OpenRemote ?

Do you have some ideas how to found the root causes and help me to make OpenRemote start safely to work with emoncms?


Here is how the input view is :

This is not normal.
I’m still getting data from my feed view, so the system is working but I cannot see the inputs anymore. This appears after a reboot.
I had to do it because for some reason emoncms was not getting data from emonhub (even if this one was receiving data). Emoncms was receiving data from my OpenRemote system, so it was working.

Where should I look to see:

  • why inputs view page don’t load
  • why emoncms is not receiving data after some time from emonhub ?