Emoncms input display

Another post, more in the nature of feedback this time. I’ve just upgraded from an old version of emoncms to ‘low-write 11.3.22’ and am finding the transition somewhat awkward. Some things seem to be a lot harder, though maybe they’ve just changed:

(1) On the inputs page there seems to be an empty node ‘emonpi’. What’s that for? Is it safe to delete it?

(2) Also on the inputs page, the header line for each node doesn’t show the time that data was received from that node. This means that to check whether nodes are working, I have to keep all the data showing, which makes the page much longer and results in me having to scroll up and down to see information that could usefully be shown on one page.

(3) On the graphs, they no longer showed anything under the actual graph. I’ve just looked again and now they do. I’ve no idea what changed???

Not aware the Inputs page has changed much - does depend what version you upgraded from, but it has been like this for quite some time.

Far right? Time since last data received.


Might be something in the default emonhub causing that - but yes, if no data a processing defined, safe to delete it.

Browser cache?

Yes that shows the problem. Times are shown for individual inputs but not for the device as a whole. So you have to show all inputs to see the time.

Yes, because this is not a ‘device’ it is a node. I have data from several ‘devices’ coming into the same ‘node’ so the times are different. e.g. all my tank temps come into the same node from 2 different ESP devices.


I think it has always been this way.