Emoncms graphical data

On January 15th I turned on my equipment at emoncms but I didn’t put load, I turned on again on January 24th but on this date I put load.
Why does the graph indicate energy from the 16th to the 24th?
The same would have to be set to zero because I didn’t activate the charge!
Below is the picture with the data.

When no data is received, the graph connects the known points with a straight line.
If you tick the “Missing data” (“dados ausentes”) box, the line will disappear.

because emoncms generates graphical measurements of current and not energy?

follows an image below.

It is the graphing package that is part of emonCMS that links the points between readings. It makes no difference what the quantity represented is.

On your graph, I suspect there is a point where energy=0 at 16:00 on 24 January, and soon after, a point where energy=4.6 If you hover your mouse over the line, every point on the graph will appear as a circle as the mouse passes over it - like at 09:00 on 27 Jan.

do you know what mistake is happening?
In this graphic, “ev_energy” data is supposed to be present, not ev_current .

when I type the code “$GU” in Openevse the data for “ev_energy” is presented in the normal way, the doubt is related to the emoncms is not showing this data.

I cannot answer that. Someone who knows Openevse must answer you.

how to collect energy data through the graph?
by selecting the teg “ev_energy”?
as mentioned in the previous image the data of ev_energy does not show in the graphic.

because the ev_energy data is zeroed?

could someone indicate a way to solve the
problem “ev_energy” ?

Nobody will be able to help you unless you explain your problem clearly. Read this, copied from the FAQ:

  • Asking a good question is difficult. Make no assumptions. If we don’t know what equipment you have and what software you are using, we won’t be able to help you. Remember, we have no context here, so you need to give us as much information relevant to your issue, as you can. i.e. tell us as much as you can about the problem you’re having and the results you are expecting. e.g. A complete list of your hardware, including the version(s), and any changes or substitutions you’ve made. Try and explain your problem so clear a rubber duck could understand it.

@Geinian_Gomes there may be an issue here with ev_energy input. My system is showing a very high reading while @glyn.hudson’s is working correctly. We are looking into it.

In the mean time, try attaching a power_to_kwh process to ‘ev_power’ this seems to be giving better results on my system.

thank you for your education in trying to help!!

Ok I’m gonna make this definition of “power_to_kwh process to 'ev_power”.