Emoncms github issue categorisation

I’ve been working through emoncms organisation github issues, categorising issues with labels as to whether they are bugs, enhancement requests or other categories. It really helps to get a clearer idea of what the issues are.

We can see for example that emoncms core has 44 open issues.

We can also look at the status of issues across all emoncms repositories, there are 173 open issues:
is:open is:issue user:emoncms

The labeling still needs more work, similar colours, better categorisation etc, but its a start. The intention is also to extend this to repositories in the openenergymonitor organisation on github.

The intention is to focus emoncms development on fixing the open bugs and documentation labels first, with enhancements lower down in the priority list.

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For anyone interested in learning more about git and github you may find the guide posted by @Bill.Thomson useful here Lost when it comes to Git/Github? Maybe this will help


I’ve categorised all OpenEnergyMonitor issues now as well:

All bugs (18):

All enhancements (43):

All documentation (9):

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