EmonCMS Error with mySolar

I have a constant and intermittent error (about once or twice a day). I am running the mySolar app on an iPad. I can resolve it by refreshing the page but its getting a bit irritating now.

The error is:


Message : TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘datastore[name].data[p][0]’)
Route: Modules/app/Lib/timeseries.js?v=17
Line: 74
Column : 48
Error: {“line”:74,“column”:48.“sourceURL”:“http://xx.xxx.x.xxx/Modules/app/Lib/timeseries.js?v=17”)

where xx.xxx.x.xxx is the emonpi ethernet address

Has anyone seen this and have any ideas for resolution ?

I have updated the EmonSD to 21Jul21.

Can you describe a little on how you are using mySolar app on the iPad.
I could guess that you have the iPad screen running to see real time ‘picture’ of Solar and Use to modify your power usage?
Have you configured the App Account settings to point to emoncms.org or a local emonpi?
There was an update to the iOS App just recently. Chk Settings page to verify 'AppVersion 1.2.3(33) ?
When did you start getting the error msg or has it always been happening?
I don’t use the mySolar App very much as I have setup a small Dashboard so I can’t promise any magic solution.
I would be looking at the four data feeds for this App (Power, PowerkWh, solar, solar kWh) and verify that this data is setup correctly and not throwing bad values in the ‘timeseries’ as a start. Just a suggestion.

PS Actually what iPad are you running this on? If it is running older software that might be the issue?

Hi Muzza,

Yes exactly, I’m running it to get a real time ‘picture’ of my Solar generation and household usage to modify my power usage.

I’m actually not running the EmonCMS app on the iPad but running it locally though safari. Admittedly the iPad is quite old but it has the latest version of safari that its capable of running 12.5.5.

The error message has been around for quite a while now and I’ve just been ignoring it. I am running the same setup on an iMac now to see if I can generate the same error. I’ll let you know. If I can then I can eliminate it being the iPad itself.

Thanks for the suggestions.



An update. I ran this on my iMac overnight and it has the same fault so I think I have eliminated the iPad as being the issue.

Hi I get the same message on chrome explorer, I just shut explorer down and then start again. I login to my Emonpi locally.