EmonCMS error message

I’m using ‘Graphs’ on EmonCMS locally to visualise the kWh load profile of my house. The load is measured by an EmonPi.

When I restore one previously saved Graph, I get the error message shown below. Have I got corrupted data that is causing the graph a problem? When I click ‘OK’ in response to the error message, the message disappears and the graph still seems to be constructed OK.

The question is slightly redundant now because my saved graph has disappeared from memory!

I have rebuilt the graph and it seems ok so far. Would still be interested to know if the error message means that the data is corrupted, please.

Thank you!

Hello @Denbigh1974 I think your data is fine, it looks like a bug with the graph module. I have created an issue on github to look into this here: feedlist[0].data undefined · Issue #92 · emoncms/graph · GitHub

Thanks for answering, Tristan. It’s not really causing me a big issue but I thought I ought to report it.

I’m not on GitHub but will post any related errors on this thread.

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