Emoncms Edit Schedule Error


Just installed a local version of Emoncms and all seems to be working well except I get this error when trying to edit a schedule I just created.

“TBD: Javascript expression builder 3”

I am at a bit of a loss to work out how to resolve this. Can anybody help ?


I came for the solution as I have the same :frowning:

ok, not sure if you’re still struggling but you can call the API directly to inject the schedule.
You’ve already created the schedule, it has ID 3.

Top right, go to the Schedule Help page and you’ll see a list of the functions you can call, you need to call the one to update the schedule:-

Change to your IP address accordingly and set the schedule ID appropriately, that’s the ID= on the line and then create the schedule according to the examples further down the page.

Paste this into the URL of a browser and press enter and you should have the expression in the schedule.