Emoncms docker on unraid

Can somebody help me setup emoncms as a docker on unraid?

Followed the 4 step instruction but visiting the site shows MySQL is gone or something like that.

Sorry, total docker noob.

Alternatively, is there a VM of emoncms?

Hello @ishtangli you might be interested in Installation of emoncms on a DigitalOcean droplet its working really well and uses our new installation scripts

I prefer a local install since i already have the hardware.

The scripts will install anywhere you have SSH access to. I have used them to install on to a local Ubuntu VM.

So docker doesnt work anymore?

I dont think the docker images have been updated for a while - they are not something we officially support, they are more development items. I did have luck with a docker build based on work by jakezp that you might like to try GitHub - TrystanLea/emoncms-docker but I havent tried that for over a year so cant guarantee that it will work.

The EmonScripts approach on the other hand is the full build of all requirements. We do plan on adapting the EmonScripts install process for a docker environment but this is not on the immediate horizon.

Is there a really really idiot proof guide to installing it on ubuntu? Like from scratch including php, mysql, apache, etc.

Like this?

I’ve pushed a PR to update the documentation.

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A friend recently created this virtual guide to installing emoncms on ubuntu/rpi/linux.
Check it out and feedback here as it’s new!
. Installing Emon Cms | astralship | Katacoda
I needed to create an account on katakoda first, also, the apache config tutorial section isn’t perfect…
I really like the format of the guide though.
At the end of the tutorial click the + next to Terminal1 and open the host at port 80, it should display with an emoncms logon page!

Feedback is, “don’t use sites that require you to register”


I know what you mean… :wink:
It’s a tutorial website.

I think it took me about 5 seconds to register with my github account.

I’ve been through it again to check now.
It works… Katacoda

I’m not suggesting it is difficult or time consuming, it is that I don’t like being forced to sign up, when I have no idea if it is useful enough to sign up. The only reason to get me to sign up is to use my data for other purposes.

YMMV of course :grinning:

Hehe that’s it :slight_smile:
All good.

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Followed the instructions from the link and everything installed perfectly. Thanks for the help.