Emoncms docker image: how to update and how to import a backup?

I recently tried running the emoncms docker image found here on my qnap nas. After some tinkering on my side, it works fine, but I see there is no “Backup” section in the menu, so I am not able to import a backup made on the emonpi. Can anyone please advise on the recommended way to bring my data over?

Also, I tried to update the emoncms installation in the docker image, by clicking on the usual “Admin\Update\Update emoncms only” button, but all I get is this error:

> File not found '/opt/openenergymonitor/emonpi/service-runner-update.sh' attributes=emoncms none none>/var/log/emoncms/update.log

Any clues anyone?

Maybe-not-so-relevant background:
I’ve been using an emonpi for solar and consumption monitoring since 2017 - with great satisfaction. Over time, I expanded the system to include a few emonth, an emontx for additional monitoring, and an emonevse. Lastly, this year I switched to heat pump heating and implemented the HP monitoring too. My system is completed by an installation of node-red with many home automation flows, also running on the emonpi, where I have been able to integrate Daikin AC used in the summer (living in Italy), bTicino bus for lighting control, and all sorts of fun (and arguably sometimes pointless, but fun) stuff.
My concern is, all this technological stack relies now on an aging rpi, with an SD card probably nearing its end of life, and I would rather move all services over to the nas, leaving only the emonhub on the emonpi, for the sake of reliability and ease of maintainability over the next years.
But I need to import the many feeds I have on the emonpi right now, and I need to be sure the system will be easily updateable when new emoncms versions will be released.

@pomolo : Maybe you could try this :

It is a standalone image with a working backup module

All docker images are here :



A question for @glyn.hudson

Thanks @alexandrecuer, I’ll give it a try as soon as I can get back to this project, in a couple of weeks time.

Still not clear to me what is the recommended way to keep the emoncms image updated though. How do you keep your installation updated, by rebuilding the image now and then?

@pomolo : i am now building images with emoncms version in the tag now and i will keep them available on the docker hub. So you will be able to pull the version you want. Right now, the last tag is alpine3.18_emoncms11.4.7

Just create on the host a data folder and mount it as a volume on the container…otherwise you datas would be in the container and lost when you change version…

Thanks @alexandrecuer, I am now running your image on my qnap nas.
Do you usually post here about updated image releases or should I just check on your site from time to time?

Btw, my emonpi died on me (stuck on reboot) right before I could make a backup of everything, I guess the microSD card probably gave in - but I was able to recover the db and feeds and manually copy them in the bind-mounted directory of the container. Emoncms seems to be working fine for now, with apps and dashboard too. Lucky me.

Now I’ll have to try and resuscitate the emonpi, this time I purchased an industrial grade pSLC microSD… the ‘endurance’ one from a couple of years ago wasn’t good enough, apparently.

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Thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear :slight_smile:

Check the docker hub for updates.

I will try to introduce a latest tag so that you only have to run docker pull to update but right now it is not possible