Emoncms DietPi

Hi @JonSenior , I have written up setting up Emoncms part on a DietPi base that I think will go onto a 4Gb card.

DietPi has a builting package to install the emonhub part (if you are using that).

Works really well for me.

@borpin Thanks for that. I’ll take a look. I’ve just got a vanilla Arduino with the EMonTX shield. My old system was running a standard EmonSD installation which I have modified to mount the filesystem onto a USB flash drive so eliminating (in theory) any use of the SD card.

I have a feeling, DietPi has a mechanism built-in to enable that. It is a really good distribution. I have had an old system running for years now on a HDD - currently moving it all to a VM (again DietPi based).