Emoncms data.json? API calls have gone blank - 1:05PM onwards

Had some python code running for years making http://emoncms.org/feed/data.json? calls pulling back various feeds.

Results went blank today at 1:05pm and continue to be blank (1:45pm)

Wondering if any issues with the backend at all?

Its strange that the API integration within Home Assistant is still working though. :thinking:

Anyone else having any problems making emoncms http://emoncms.org/feed/data.json? calls?

@TrystanLea @glyn.hudson ?

Hello @Zarch I noticed some slow responses earlier, seems to be ok now? Is your script working again now? I can see a load spike on the server 1:24 to 1.31 but not too unusual. Otherwise all looks normal on there,…

Think i’ve solved it… my local emonPi went all wonky.

The USB PSU must have developed a fault as my emonPi screen was flashing/pulsing!!!
Couldn’t ping it, so it must have hung.

Luckily, had a spare PSU and have fired the emonPi back into life. Thankfully seems like no harm done.
Could have been a lot worse with a faulty PSU!!

Apologies for the alarm caused @TrystanLea, all the problems at this end, not yours!! :grinning:
Thanks for having a dig about for me!

At one point during investigations I thought I might have run out of emoncms credit when I saw how many feeds I have going up there!!! :rofl: