Emoncms Dark Theme Colour

Available on my github is a theme file emon-dark.css to give you a mostly black and grey, chilled out dark colour scheme for your home install of Emoncms. To try it out, copy the file emon-dark.css to /var/www/emoncms/Theme/basic as well as the edited embed.php and theme.php. Then edit /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini and change the themecolor entry to “dark”. All feedback gratefully received, especially if I’ve missed anything or some unintended consequence leaves something looking weird.


Looks great @cmcg thanks for sharing!

It looks like this can be merged into emoncms easily without effecting what is there, shall I go ahead and do that?

That would be great, please do. I’ve lived with parts of this for a while and I think it’s pretty sorted now. It took the boredom of lockdown before I got round to doing all the admin and edit dialogues!

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how do I cancel the dark theme. very hard to read anything in the far left column.

Hello @JohnSchols did you apply any custom changes from the above? The latest version of emoncms allows for theme colour selection from the My Account page. What does your emoncms look like?

Oh dear, I had not even thought to look at or play with that page. So Sorry. Thanks


I don’t understand the current craze for dark screens. Many years ago, not long after it had opened, I had the opportunity to visit the new National Air Traffic Services control centre. There, a controller is usually controlling around a dozen or more aircraft, and responsible for the safety of a few thousand lives. In their research, they had found that a neutral light grey background was the most comfortable and led to the least fatigue for the controllers, and if I remember correctly, fewer problems with the controllers’ eyesight.

A few years ago, I thought it was a bit silly too. But once I switched from the light screen, to the dark screen,
I never went back.

Now that you mention it, AFAIK, all of the radar “scopes” of the type I maintained while working for the USAF
use the dark theme. They keep the lights in the scope room down quite low, so that likely is part of the reason.

Radar “scope” at the Chicago TRACON: