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Emoncms Dark Theme Colour

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Available on my github is a theme file emon-dark.css to give you a mostly black and grey, chilled out dark colour scheme for your home install of Emoncms. To try it out, copy the file emon-dark.css to /var/www/emoncms/Theme/basic as well as the edited embed.php and theme.php. Then edit /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini and change the themecolor entry to “dark”. All feedback gratefully received, especially if I’ve missed anything or some unintended consequence leaves something looking weird.


Looks great @cmcg thanks for sharing!

It looks like this can be merged into emoncms easily without effecting what is there, shall I go ahead and do that?

That would be great, please do. I’ve lived with parts of this for a while and I think it’s pretty sorted now. It took the boredom of lockdown before I got round to doing all the admin and edit dialogues!

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