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Emoncms Configuration for Energy Import/Export with Net-Metering

Hi all,

I have my emonTX with 1xCT clamp on the live wire of my electricity meter; here I have a PV system with net-metering, so the power scenario is basically this:

  • During some hours of the day, when the PV production is exceeding my home consumption, I have an export to the network (net power measured by the CT clamp is negative - I am exporting)
  • During some other hours, when PV production is insufficient or absent, power for my home is mainly provided by the electricity network (net power measured by the CT clamp is positive - I am importing)

I am wondering if I can log both kWh imported and exported on the same Emocms feed (that is without using another CT clamp installed in the other sense than the existing one and use one feed for positive, one feed for negative).

I have tried configuring Emoncms to “Allow Positive” and log kWh (imported electricity) and then, in the same feed, to “Allow negative” (exported electricity), please check below.
This doesn’t seem to work out well, meaning that with this configuration I can either log positive or log negative, not both at the same time.

Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this?


Do you need a “reset to original” process between 3 and 4 above?

Yes! That’s it! I didn’t know this specific functionality.
Many thanks for your support AndyS!

Neither did I until yesterday! Glad to have helped