Emoncms apps missing an option for "use today"?

Apologies, this has possibly been asked before but although I can probably achieve what i’m after with the graphs, the default apps for consumption seem to be missing an option which is “Today”.

For example, I can zoom into the timeline from 1h, 8h, D, M, Y but that’s a sliding window so if I choose D at say 4pm in the afternoon, i’m actually looking at usage from 4pm yesterday to 4pm today across a 24 hour window.

What i’d like to see is “Today”, starting from midnight and ending at midnight.

Other than that loving the system, bought mainly to answer the question of what surplus solar have I got that could charge a battery and if so, what size battery do I need. Plus in the first week I have managed to find “stuff” around the house that could be turned off to the tune of 5kWh per day!

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Hello @djtaylor, great to hear that the system has been useful, interested to hear more on the solar battery calculation and that’s a great headline saving you have achieved there!

Yes we’ve generally chosen the moving view approach over aligning to the specific day. The My Electric 2 app however does provide a today view if you click on the bar showing consumption for the day.

Hi, yes thanks for that. Except that my favourite view is the My Solar which doesn’t have the same option and I wouldn’t want it to because I like the larger graph view. I know I know, you can’t please all of the people all the time but if you’re bored and fancy a second version of the solar view (or an option within the app) to focus on the current day, I think it would be a nice addition.


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