Emoncms app for IOS: inconsistent Total Today Used figures

When I use Emoncms for IOS (v1.1.), the figure shown for Total Today used is wrong at times. Sometimes it shows the total kw used since the feed began, then on other times it shows the correct kW used today. I am trying to find out whether it is related to the local time of day, perhaps UTC timeoffset related, or DST. Has anyone else noticed that problem?

I think this might be a question for @mattjgalloway

@Juerg1 Oh this is interesting. Can you post some screenshots of what you mean on here please? That seems very strange to do that.

There is some logic which says that if it can’t get the feed value at the start of today, then it assumes it’s a brand new feed and the total is therefore the feed value. It could be that for some reason for you emoncms is erroring sometimes in exactly the same way as it does for “no feed value at that time” and this logic is kicking in. Would be super weird, but that could be it.

In anycase can you send some screenshots here to confirm we’re talking about the same thing please!

@mattjgalloway Interesting indeed. After several days of working fine, the issue came back today!
It clearly is random, i.e. not linked to time of day or similar. Also, when it does occur on the iPhone, the Android app is not showing the faulty figures, but the correct daily total.
Even restarting the iPhone does not make the issue go away, until seemingly randomly it fixes itself for some time at least. Weird.



If the iPhone is having problems with getting the feed, how come the todays usage graph per minute seems to match between Android and iPhone? I’m stumped. Thank you for your help.

Yeh that’s indeed very weird, and I see what you mean here!

Could you do me a favour, and go into the app where you got that screenshot from, then go to settings and send a bug report there to my email? It will attach the logs which should let me see more information about what failed.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for looking into this strange issue.

Forgive me, I am not that familiar with my iPhone features. I got that screenshot by pressing Home+Power. I don’t seem to find any settings for bug report. How do I do that?

The described issue this time started yesterday, and has not gone away since. It persists longer this time than previously.

Perhaps this might be of relevance to investigate the problem:

  •      My EMONCMS is local, on a EMONPI.
  •      The phones connect via inhouse Wi-Fi. It is connected most the time, but not all the time. Yesterday morning (i.e. at midnight), the iPhone was out of range for the Wi-Fi, but reconnected later that morning. Did that perhaps start the problem? But then why would it not fix itself the following midnight?

Many thanks!

Ah, sorry, I wasn’t clear.

What I meant was, go to the screen within the emoncms app where you took that screenshot. And then from within emoncms, tap on the “Settings” tab, and then from there there is an option to send a bug report.

Thank you Matt, I had a look: I cannot see the send a bug report option after tapping the Settings tab. Is that under ‘Send Feedback’? (Which is not useable at present because that phone has no email account set up (yet). Is that perhaps the cause?

More updates on the issue: Overnight, the issue resolved itself again, and today’s total is correctly displayed again. The phone was continuously connected to the home WiFi, and the Emonpi had no issues, neither the Android EMONCMS app. Strange.

Many thanks!

Sorry yes, “Send Feedback” is the right one. Please do that when it breaks again. It’s a strange one for sure!