Emoncms app display missing days?

Can someone tell me why my app daily summary is missig data for some of the days of the week please? I’ve been running emonpi for several weeks and individual figures (power, temp) coming in appear to be ok. Image below shows the problem.

thanks Julian.

Hello @julianfej it looks like the missing days may be negative figures, did you select a cumulative kWh feed for the kWh data in th configuration?

err… I’l check.

Trystan - sorry to be so dense, I’ve looked around and can’t see where i select cumulative kWh feed.

It seems to show ‘cumulative use in Kw’. Have tried to attached a screen shot.

Hello @julianfej, its the use_kwh feed where you have selected power1pluspower2, that should be a cumulative kWh feed. The guide here may be helpful Home Energy - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor


ah I think I have it now. Just need to be patient and see the data accumulate with the new feeds. Thanks for your help. Cheers J.

Curiously the kWh panel on the right side of the display is blank this morning. It appeared to be populating with cumulative kWh figure yesterday, labelled M for a Monday. Now the panel is blank. I’ll go through the config and compare with the help info again. Grr…