EmonCMS app Android V IOS

This is a question for the developers of the mobile app.
Why do the apps differ so greatly between Android & IOS??

I have always had iPhones up until last month and changed to the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the IOS app is brilliant, colourful, informative and and detailed, the android app on the other hand in comparison, is drab, not informative and lacking detail? Is there a reason for this?
I keep getting told by friends who have android phones, Android is a much better OS, as you don’t have the restrictions that Apple place on you, and that the software produced is much better. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the EmonCMS app, unless I am missing something?

Hello @navmanl200 both the Android and IOS apps have been developed by different people and are community contributions rather than our in house development. I think they were developed at different times without coordination between the developers to give a similar experience