Emoncms app (Android) one day behind?

My data logs look fine at the Emoncms.org website, but the app thinks it is Saturday, while it is Sunday. Data itself looks fine, but day labels are one day behind.

Do others have this problem too? Any known fix for this?

Which app?

Are you referring to one of the emoncms apps? Or the android/iOS apps?

Assuming emoncms apps, which app(s) in particular? myelectric/myelectric2/mysolarpv etc?

Is it just one app or all of your apps (assuming you have more than one)?

When did you notice this? Or more to the point was it ever right? if so when did you last see it was ok? I’m just wondering if it’s a stray bit of DST code that has just kicked in today, it wouldn’t be the first time a DST error has manifested itself this way.

It is the Android app (see thread subject). The apps at emoncms.org (like mysolar) seem to work fine.

I think I saw this yesterday for the first time.

Ooops, missed that! :slight_smile: