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Emoncms Android App Notifications

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering if it’s possible to setup app notifications for Emoncms to send me custom alerts? A few I had in mind were:

  • Inputs offline
  • Energy consumption above/below custom threshold (for x minutes)
  • Solar production above threshold (for x minutes)
  • Solar production above/below energy consumption (for x minutes)

Thanks for you time.



Hi Scott,

That’s a great idea, Do you have any experience working with Android? We’re looking for a developer to work with to improve the Android app. Any contributions would be very much appreciated.

I’ve added your ideas to the github “issue” list to work on.

The Android app is fully open-source on Github:

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Thanks mate! I wish I was, however I wouldn’t know where to start unfortunately. I’m happy to help out where possible, however I’m not a programmer.