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Emoncms Android App incorrect kWh(Today)

Hi everyone! I’ve been using open energy monitor since 2014 when I setup my first (and only) power monitoring system with a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino and emonTX. Recently my hard drive failed and just thought it was time to upgrade to the latest version…boy has it changed since 2014!

I spent last Saturday getting it all up an running (love the integration of the old oem_gateway into the Hub…that made it easier) but I’m having an issue with the kWh display on the emoncms android app. I spent some time on the forum searching and trying to see if I’ve missed anything in the documentation but have been unsuccessful. Here are some snap-shots of my inputs/feeds/and apps. Maybe someone can spot the issue.

It appears as though the web app is performing correctly, however the android app is not.
Any help is appreciated

Hello @Edward_Puleio did you select the cumulative kWh feed in the app rather than the kWh/d feed?

Hi Trystan,

I’m sorry for wasting your time! As I started writing you a response, I noticed the “Bar graph feed (kWh)” selection has “kWh” in the name…that got me thinking “maybe I should be using my kWh feed?” et voila! It works!

Thank you for all your work towards this project. I wish I could contribute more than just silly questions.