EmonCMS Android app for temperature feeds

Hi folks,

just installed the android app (very cool that its showing the temperature graphs in my home) but I am wondering why it only seems to be built around the concept of “Energy” i.e. all pages seems to show Watt, Kwh, etc. When you create a new page in the app, it allows me to select temperature and humidity feeds (they’re in the dropdown list) but the page then still shows w and kwh which make no sense in the context of temperature. Is this a limitation of the app or is it that I am missing something?

BTW, I take it all requests between the app and the server are via the Apache webserver (just trying to work out which ports to allow through my firwall)?


Postscript I think I have probably answered my own question thinking about it. The values at the Y axis all seem to be built around integer values and down’t contemplate a feed having decimal places (like temperature). Am I wrong?

Sorry to bring this up since this was posted long time ago but just wanted to know if is on the road the fix for this: Editable unit settings , as the above post refers, and for the use of decimal values on temperature, humidity, etc.
If i remember correctly, @tamsin, any idea?

Edit: Since i am no dev and know anything about coding, unfortunately i can’t help.