Emoncms Android App change log

Latest release

Stable - 2.0.8

Released 21st April 2017

Significant V2 Emoncms App app update:

  • Multiple Emoncms accounts,
  • Multiple MyElectric graphs per account
  • Multiple currency rates for each graphs
  • French, German, Dutch and Italian translations
  • Chromebook support.
  • Big thanks to @tamsin and all OpenEnergyMonitor community devs

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See GitHub Releases for current release notes:


## Beta - 2.0.1

- Fixed: App crashes if no value is entered for currency cost bug #19
- Fixed App crashes when page settings are open and device is rotated #18
- Fixed: When tapping on ‘3H’ to view last 3hrs of data the display does not fill the screen #17

V2.x discussion thread

## Beta - 2.0.0

Significant update by @tamsin See Forum Thread

_- Support for multiple emoncms accounts _
- Support for multiple MyElectric graphs per account
- Smooth swiping left-right between MyElectric graphs
- Support for multiple currency rates for different MyElectric graphs
_- Added French and German translation _
_- Chromebook support _

V2.0 Beta Video preview

V2.x discussion thread

_Also thanks to: _
_- @JumpMaster (Original app author: various fixes and guidence) _
_- @bidouilleur (French translation proofreading & corrections) _
- @revil.o German translation proofreading & corrections)


## Change Log


* Saves screen state between rotations and window size changes (Andoird N)
* Upgraded mpandroidchart to 2.2.5
* Upgraded Google Play Vision to 9.0.0
* Bugfixes


* Removed occurrences of interval=0 during some API requests. Should remove incorrect connection failure messages.


* Automatic feed selection based on feeds being called “use” and “use_kwh” as per emoncms recommendations.


* Configuring emoncms servers settings can now be completed using a QR code. QR scanning library is provided via Google Play Services Vision.
* Updated MPAndroidChart library to v2.2.4
* Added Google Play Services library v8.4.0
* Added Google Design Support library v8.4.0


* Updated the configuration of emoncms.org users to use SSL.

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