emonCMS Android app .apk file for install

I recently had to set up an android tablet for a building energy dashboard, I wanted to test the display of the emonCMS android app.

The problem is this is a device with relatively public access. I don’t want to use my email address to register a google play store account, nor does the client want that.

Android apps can be installed via APK package files. Is there an .apk for emonCMS app?

The compiled apk’s are not retained in the repo, they are compiled on the play servers. If you have android studio or similar you can compile locally.

AFAIK Play doesn’t provide a way of downloading the apk’s to a pc, but there are 3rd party websites you can use to do that. Never actually used one myself so this is not a recommendation.

There are also chrome extensions that do a similar job (possibly with less clickbait)

Sorted. Thanks.

I used http://apk.tools

Scanned here just in case https://apkscan.nviso.be/report/show/f72e87f17539bb2f8934e64a3cb78729

Emoncms_2.1.2-apk.tools.apk.zip (2.0 MB)

It would be good to have the latest APK available from the website to download. Think of all those people like me that hate Google, have LineageOS installed and refuse to have the Play Store installed on their system :wink: Or even better have it on F-Droid?

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That’s it :slight_smile:
‘open’ software can also mean accessible software!

A list of apks relevant to different android versions would be helpful to some using 2nd hand devices in the future.