Emoncms and Lighttpd?

I’m trying to setup emoncms with Lighttpd under Archlinux.
I’m using current emoncms from git manually installed under /emoncms dir
Unfortunately user creation in initial setup phase ends with “undefined”

Is Lighttpd server supported by emoncms?
Should i use any special URL rewrite rules in lighttpd.config

If anybody has emoncms running on Lighhttpd - is it possible to pass lighttpd.config here are reference of working config?

thx in advance!

Hi warpme,

i have tried some regex and now emoncms is running on my raspberry pi 2 served by lighttpd.

Enable mod_rewrite in lighttpd.conf

path to my emoncms-Installation: ( installed via git pull , install via apt-get not preferred → apt will install apache2 and some other modules i don’t need !)


put the following code to the end of the lighttpd.conf-file, you have to change it for your installation-environment(replace /emoncms/ with your needs)

url.rewrite-if-not-file = (
“^/emoncms/([^?])?(.)$” => “/emoncms/index.php?q=$1”,
“^/emoncms/([^?])$" => “/emoncms/index.php?q=$1”,
)(?(.+))?$” => “/emoncms/index.php?q=$1”

voila, emoncms should now be running correctly on your raspberry pi with lighttpd-server!

so long


Has anyone done this more recently?

So if anyone tries to setup lighttpd, you need the following lines added to the lighttpd.conf file:

url.rewrite-if-not-file = (
"^/emoncms/([^?]*)$" => "/emoncms/index.php?q=$1",
"^/emoncms/([^?]*)\?(.*)$" => "/emoncms/index.php?q=$1&$2"

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