EmonCMS and HA

Bonsoir , j’ installer emoncms dans home assistant ,
les information remonte lors du démarrage d’home assistant mais ne se mettent pas a jours apres seulement lors d’un redémarrage

ma config Yaml:

- platform: emoncms
  scan_interval: 15
  id: 1 

si quelqu un peu m’aider ce serai sympa
merci a tous


Good evening, I install emoncms in home assistant,
the information goes up when starting home assistant but does not update afterwards only when rebooting

If someone can help me it would be nice
thanks to all

Hi, welcome.

As a predominately English forum it would be helpful if you could translate your queries for us.

Is there anything in the HomeAssistant logs?

Try to specify just one Feed.

Relevant threads

I’m using Home Assistant version 2024.2.2 and have some emoncms sensors. My configuration looks like this:

  - platform: emoncms
    api_key: <read API key>
    id: 1
      - 14
      - 28
      - 29
      - 34

Similar to the previously linked threads, perhaps you need to limit the feeds you are trying to call by setting include_only_feed_id for the feeds you want to create sensors for in HA.

Also might be useful to head to Settings > System Logs > Load Full Logs to see if any errors/problems are reported (not sure what the French transaltion will be for this navigation but hopefully Google translate gets it close enough!)

Hello, the solution you indicated to me has worked. Thank you for your help .
I am French excuse me for my bad English

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Not a problem, and great it solved it for you.