Emoncms and DietPi

Has anyone tried to install EmonCMS on a DietPi image? I have been playing with these images on a HP Micro server and they work really well so am thinking of moving my setup to a VM.

Not sure if this will answer your question but there are some DietPi references in the Archived section (the old forum):

Here is one:
DietPi - Minimal/lightweight alternative EmonPi installation

Yes I was aware of the packaged Emoncms, but this simply posts to emoncms.org and is not a local install.

Not tired it myself but it should work. The guy who maintains DietPi is a nice guy. We were in correspondents, sorry I can’t remember his name. Any issues please report to DietPi

The DietPi instruction is rather misleading as it doesn’t install EmonCMS locally, it installs the hub to talk to emoncms.org.

I have now managed to install EmonCMS onto a DietPi Stretch VM client, on an HP Microserver running EXSI 5.5 on a Lighttpd / MariaDB / PHP7 stack. Very easy. Advantages are no issue with SD Card failure, snapshots before you try that crazy update (or modification) and runs much quicker. I had the server lying around and I thought ‘why not’ :smile:

Rather than have one Pi to do everything, I am going to build several VMs each for their own task.

I have successfully installed Emoncms onto DietPi V6.1 running in a VM on a PC. I’ll write it up more fully for the documentation.

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I have updated the install detail on a blog post if anyone is interested. Remarkably simple and a recommended way of doing a self install. I am now running all my different applications (HASSOS, EmonCMS, Node-Red, Pi-Hole) on separate VMs under ESXi on a mini HP server, mostly based on DietPi. Much simpler to maintain than having everything on one machine.