Emoncms + Amazon Echo?

I’m soon to get an Amazon echo and looking to see where i can integrate this.

I thought it would be cool if you could ask questions like.

“How Much Electricity am i using” or " How much electricity have i used today" and so on a so forth.

Does any one know if a skill has been developed or if there is a way of doing this another way?

Unlikely to form part of emoncms, but take a look at node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill (node) - Node-RED which is a node-red node to integrate with the echo.
You could always then use MQTT or the api to get data from emoncms > node-red > Alexa.
I don’t have an echo (as I’m awaiting the Google version) so my comments are theoretical & untested.



Brilliant thanks, I’ll look into this. I was waiting for the Google Home, but though at £40 an echo dot would be worth a punt. I got it yesterday and it works nicely with my lightwaverf, nest and other stuff.

You could also try taking a look at OpenHab. There is great support for the Amazon Echo on OpenHab and its getting better every week! There is integration with OpenEnergyMonitor and Amazon Echo - both as standard OpenHab extensions. In its simplest form, OpenHab emulates a Hue lightbulb - so you just get on/off functionality.

For what you need to do, you’ll need specific commands, so it’s a little more complex than just installing the extensions.

Take a look here Amazon Echo Skill for OpenHAB available! - Other - openHAB Community

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since now Particle opened their cloud to Raspberry Pi, you may do the integration described here.

The author uses a Particle Core, but think of your Rasp Pi as one for the sake of illustration :slight_smile:

hope it helps!

See TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next • The Register


I sent this same article to my sister and to my sister-in-law yesterday. Neither of them had any idea this was possible!

I wonder if the designers had ever considered this would occur?
I suppose there will be lots of copycat TV ads now - attempting to order goods, setting reminders, playing music themes, etc.