emonCMS alternative - Prometheus and Grafana

This might be of interest to anyone who is considering an alternative to emonCMS:


Here’s another TSDB that’s got some nice features and uses SQL vice an SQL-like syntax.
Based on one of the mainstream databases - PostgreSQL.
Supported by Grafana via a native plug-in.


Hi chaps,

Those are interesting. I have some experience with a few others too.

What is drawing me to emonCMS is the value-add things like “My Heatpump”, “My Solar” and the “Octopus Agile” apps. It’s allowing us to share our processing logic by giving us a flexible platform to hoover up and then pipe in the data.

I just thought I’d mention it so @TrystanLea , @johncantor and others know they do have something unique here.


David Bowen