EmonBase to monitor and control - Transmitter needed?

Hi there,

I already have a Raspberry and would like to turn it into an EmonBase to get the data sent by the EmonTx and a couple of probes.
What I understand is that I only need a RFM69Pi, is that correct?

However, I also understand that I can run OpenHab on the EmonBase (already installed on the EmonSD). On the screeshots, we see that from OpenHab we can control plugs and other devices. But, the RFM69Pi is a receiver only, isn’t it?
Then, to use OpenHab on an EmonBase (or even an EmonPi), we have to add a transmitter, am I correct?

Is it possible to find a board which is both receiver and transmitter?

Thanks for your replies

The RFM69 is a transceiver. i.e. a transmitter and a receiver.
A Google search returns LOTS of info on the RFM69 module.

Thanks Bill for such a quick answer.
When I look in the shop for the RFM69Pi it’s only written “Receiver”, so I’m a bit confused…
I tried to Google the RFM69Pi, but this is a creation of OpenEnergyMonitor, isn’t it?

Understandable. That ought to be changed to transceiver. @glyn.hudson ?

The RFM69Pi the (the blue circuit board in the picture) is,
but the RFM69 module (the green circuit board) is made by a company called Hope RF.

At the bottom of the page you linked to above, there’s a link to the RFM69Pi Technical Documentation wiki.

True, even though we mainly only use it to receive it would not be a bad idea to update the title to transceiver. I’ve just made the change.

‘RFM69CW RF transceiver’ is already listed as part of the product description.

Thank you @glyn.hudson and @Bill.Thomson for your answers.
It’s clear for me now.

Then could you confirm that I don’t need something like the RFXtrx433XL to use OpenHab (in addition to the EmonCMS) to control devices? (Oregon, etc.)


No, the easiest way to use openhab is to installed it on the emonPi. If using the latest (18Oct18 emonSD pre-build SD card release) you will need to install openhab. See the standard RaspberryPi OpenHab install guide. If yous using an older emonSD OpenHab is pre-installed, although quite a old version. Recommend using newer version with new emonSD

Thanks for the disambiguation about the Transceiver.

Is your “No” means

  • “I don’t confirm that you don’t need” → then I need
    /or/ means
  • “No you don’t need” → then I need

When you say emonPi, do you mean emonBase ? as I intend to use a raspberry + the RFM69Pi

Thanks again