Emonbase ssh and tty login: default login doesn't work!

Hi there,

I’m setting up a new system and got a few other issues (posted elsewhere) but my latest is in getting native access to the pi. I’ve successfully set up ssh ( I think), i.e. putty connects to it and gives me a login prompt. Entering the default credentials which I’ve read to be pi/emonpi2016 I get an incorrect. Ive also directly connected a monito / keyboard and get the same with the user pi.

/edit - its an emonbase with an emontx4 powered by an emonVS

Am I using wrong / out of date credentials? Doing something else wrong?

Any help appreciated!

A few data ago, I remember someone writing that they’d found it had changed. Have you tried searching?

@Robert.Wall - I have and not found anything recent. I know it changed form raspberry in 2016 though :smiley:

So that states ‘default wifi AP’ and Emon Tx4??

I’m trying to access the Emonbase via ssh or a direct tty session, nothing to do with wifi, which I have no intention of enabling. However on the basis I may be a bit dim, I tried it anyway and incorrect. Ive also tried a few combinations of date variations to emonpi2016 to no avail.

It was worth a try. In that case, I don’t know. @TrystanLea ?

It’s not a silly like Caps Lock?

no definitely not that. Thanks for trying.

The new SSH password is ‘emonsd’, the WiFi access point password is ‘emonsd2022’.

The best place to check these credentials is on the emonSD download page: https://docs.openenergymonitor.org/emonsd/download.html

I will improve the formatting a bit on that page to make these credentials standout a bit more

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That’s the one I’m in! - thanks. :+1: Might I also suggest the documentation in ‘Service Credentials’ is also updated. The SSH section still shows the old password.

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Great, yes we will be removing that page soon when we switch fully to the new documentation location.

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