Emonbase no longer communicates with peripherals after update

After months of blissful data collecting, I updated my emonbase and, lo and behold, it quit communicating with the peripherals. At first, emonhub wouldn’t run. I fixed that, but now the system won’t collect data. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the RFM69 firmware, but I can no longer seem to be able to update that, either. I’ll post the results of running the update script in a bit.
Any ideas out there?

Can you post a portion of the the emonhub log? Are you getting any NEW FRAME messages.

Hello @reefmorse it may be worth running the update again today and letting us know the result, there are a couple of changes made yesterday that may improve things.

I figured it out. I had the wireless card plugged in to the RPi3 wrong - I was one pair of pins too far to the right. Took me a while to see it. Now all is well. I updated that card and everything is now working. FYI, when I updated the wireless card, I got a lot of broken pipe messages AFTER avrdude said the program had uploaded. However, that didn’t matter - everything works now.

Yes I see that. No idea why!

My emboli seems to have tried to update itself yesterday (Sunday). Emonhub reports as ‘failed’. I tried to update again with same result. No feeds are being monitored. Thanks for help. Richard