EmonBase - no inputs - problem with MQTT?


After some years my setup with the Raspberry PI (data on harddisk) an serveral EmonTX nodes started to make trouble, so I decided to set up new software. I installed the latest available EmonPi Image (May 2016) did all upgrades on the command line and set up the rootdir to the harddisk.

The raspberry booted up and I was able to create a new account for emoncms.

The problem now is, that I don’t get input data in emoncms.

I corrected the speed for RFM12PI (V2) to 9600 and set up the data of one of the nodes (it measures an analog value and the temperature). A look into the emonhub log view shows the following:

2016-09-26 19:46:08,647 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 NEW FRAME : 10 1 0 2 9
2016-09-26 19:46:08,663 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 Timestamp : 1474911968.65
2016-09-26 19:46:08,665 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 From Node : 10
2016-09-26 19:46:08,667 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 Values : [1, 23.06]
2016-09-26 19:46:08,677 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 adding frame to buffer => [1474911968, 10, 1, 23.06]
2016-09-26 19:46:08,691 DEBUG RFM2Pi 543 Sent to channel’ : ToEmonCMS
2016-09-26 19:46:08,922 INFO MQTT Connecting to MQTT Server
2016-09-26 19:46:08,927 INFO MQTT Could not connect…
2016-09-26 19:46:10,031 INFO MQTT Connecting to MQTT Server
2016-09-26 19:46:10,041 INFO MQTT Could not connect…
2016-09-26 19:46:11,152 INFO MQTT Connecting to MQTT Server
2016-09-26 19:46:11,157 INFO MQTT Could not connect…
2016-09-26 19:46:12,261 INFO MQTT Connecting to MQTT Server
2016-09-26 19:46:12,265 INFO MQTT Could not connect…

So that looks like I receive the data but it’s going nowhere because of connection problems with the MQTT Server.

if you did a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade (or apt-get dist-upgrade) you may have a new version of MQTT and may have this issue.


EDIT: more info


Thank you for your reply, yes, I did the update/upgrade after installation, so my mosquitto version is 1.4.10.
In the meantime I tried the quick & dirty version, downgrading mosquitto the following way: sudo apt-get install mosquitto=1.3.4-2
Then Emoncms is getting data from the configurated node. :slight_smile:
After that, I upgraded to the latest version again, to see if the problem could be fixed.

It took me some time to find out, that /etc/rc.local had to be modified as described in MQTT Log files

To finish, a reboot was performed, now I get the measurements, now some work has to be done to configure all my nodes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming that the issues is with the latest version of nosquitto. Once I have tided up and added the log rotation I will create a PR for the fix.