Emonbase Communications Lost

I’ve lost all communications with my 2020 emonbase and wonder whether I have a corrupt SD card. I can see that it’s powered up. I’m not desperate to hang on to the data so if the likelihood is a card fault, I’ll just replace it. Any suggestions?

If it’s on a Raspberry Pi, plug it’s HDMI into a screen plus USB keyboard/mouse and see if it gets anywhere?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes it’s a Raspberry Pi. It’s not responding to keyboard or mouse, When booting up, this is the end of the text that appeared on the screen. Any clues?

I’m no Pi expert, in m y experience the real error is usually either at the beginning or the end of the dump.

I googled 0x00007f00 and you’re not the first to get it, This link pointed to a missing library so maybe you are on the right track with the corrupted SD.

I’d try a new SD card with the up to date build, that will probably work. If it does then you can try using a USB gadget to load the old card and you may be able to import your old data, depending on how corrupt it was. Definitely try this before setting up a load of new input etc.

Thanks for your help; you’re much more of an expert than me. Sounds like a plan. I’ve ordered the card.

Perfect outcome. New SD card works fine and old data imported sccessfully. Many thanks for your help.@christian

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