Emon tx feed updates stopped back in January

I have an emon tx v3 and a raspberry pi running a wifi card. When I log into emon cms all my feeds are not updating. The emontx is flashing a red light approx every 5 seconds so presuming that is sending the data still. The raspberry has a red light on which when reset stays red and the ethernet leds do not light up at all.

Could this be the memory gone faulty?
I also noted there is now a charge for this service, would this affect it from January?

I don’t know enough about the Raspberry Pi to answer those parts of your question.

Charging for emoncms.org started on 1st July, so it would appear to be unconnected.
You can of course use emoncms on your local Raspberry Pi at no charge.

OK I’m looking to get this running again. I’ve just had an email to say my account is in negative money, can’t figure out how to link my spend at the shop to this account to see what free credit is available.

I actually have an emon tx v3 and a emon base which is coupled to a raspberry pi. The emon tx turns on led lights for a few seconds then it flashes quickly I think. Then it flashes approx every 7 seconds ish. So I presume this is sending the data to the emon base. How should I work out what the issue is can I access the emon base some how?

Is it easy enough to self host my readings? Do I need any extra equipment or does it just use the memory card on the pi?

Will I need to credit my account before I do any trouble shooting? It’s saying I have 12 feeds. As far as I remember, I had 3 cts and 4 temp sensors while I was experimenting.

Thanks for any help.

Normally, people have either an emonBase or an emonPi. An emonBase is a Raspberry Pi with a radio receiver. An emonPi is a Raspberry Pi with a radio receiver and a cut-down emonTx (if you will) giving it analogue inputs for energy monitoring.

You can run emonCMS either on a web server (which could be a RPi), or on an emonBase (or on an emonPi). The emonBase can record data locally or send it to another server (which could be emoncms.org).

I don’t understand your set-up. Are you saying you have two RaspberyPi’s, and one has the RFM69Pi card and is an emonBase, so what is the function of the second Raspberry Pi? Is that running a separate instance of emonCMS? (So that you have three emonCMS’s available to you - one on each RPi and emoncms.org?)

I think I’ve answered that above. I think you will already have emonCMS running on your emonBase.
If you look at your router, it should tell you the dotted IP address of your emonBase and hence your local emonCMS. My login page happens to be

@TrystanLea should be able to help here.

Hi Robert thanks for this help. Ok I have an emon base. I didn’t realise that it hosted the data on there as well. I tried to access it from my browser but no joy so took a look. It’s connected by ethernet to my router but there is no led lit so isn’t being seen. I reset the emon base I get a single red flash on the radio card part then nothing. I get a constant red light near to where the memory card goes.

Could it be as simple as the memory card has failed and if so how should I test it?


There have been a lot of changes to emonCMS recently, so if I read your situation correctly and there’s no data on it that you want to keep, I’d suggest a new SD card and download the latest version.

I don’t know enough about RPi’s and emonBase to advise you - either whether your SD card has failed, or how to recover the data from it.

No need to credit your account if you decide to record data locally instead.

To access your credit associated with past shop orders, enter and verify the email address you used for your shop account in the ‘Activate Emoncms Credit’ section on the My Account page of emoncms.org (its at the bottom of the page).

Is the EmonBase listed in your routers device list?

Let me know if I can help further.


Hi Trystan. I’ve checked and emonbase is not showing in my routers list, I did try to reboot it as well. Would this likely be a faulty memory card?

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