Emon TX 4 Version: v3.1.4 - Control and E Value Usage

Does anyone know what the logic for the E reading are
Are they just a running accumulation or do they get clear and if so when.
Something else that is new is the Control feature, what is this for and how does it work.

I could not find any documentation on these :wink:

Interesting point for @TrystanLea. No the docs don’t tell you a definition of what the data sent is. That looks like an output from a Wi-Fi module.

You should see the E (Energy) increasing.

Don’t know. :frowning:

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They are the energy values in Wh and accumulate indefinitely. However, although the values are stored in EEPROM, they are only updated when the value has changed by a significant amount in order to minimise wear on the EEPROM - 200 Wh as I wrote the original library, but I understand it has been changed by others since. Therefore, if the sketch is restarted for any reason, there might be a small loss - not greater than 200 Wh.

The Control feature is not part of the emonTx4, but belongs to the ESP8266. I don’t know what it does either.

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The control feature was for use when the EmonESP code was used on the WiFi relay or Sonoff S20 smartplugs. It’s otherwise unused, it will just be toggling a digital pin on the WiFi board.

Should this not be documented somewhere in order to avoid further confusion?

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Yes :joy: