Emon to Victron Energy integration via MQTT


I’m trying to integrate a Victron energy system into my EmonPi system. It uses MQTT but I can’t modify the root topic so emon picks up any data. I’ve amended the emon config to create a second MQTT2 service to connect to the Victron broker. I’m now seeing EmonPi data published on the Victron MQTT, but I can see any Victron data coming into the EmonPi.

Grateful for any advice about how to bridge the Victron MQTT data into Emon.

Many thanks!

What is the format of the messages/topics?

You may need to modify that message to suit emoncms. Have you Node-RED installed somewhere?

Do you mean the emoncms or the emonhub configuration?

emoncms can only have one MQTT configuration.

Hello - sorry, maybe I’m using the wrong terminology. I’ve modified the emonhub configuration to create a MQTT2 entry as per this thread:

I don’t have Node-Red - I have a Loxberry which connects to the emonpi MQTT broker to pass data back and forth to Loxone.

I’m trying to bridge the MQTT brokers so I can get data from the Victron MQTT broker into Loxone.

Do you have a venus device? Like a victron gx device connected to your equiipment?

Yes - I’ve a Cerbo GX, but it’s in the garage, circa 15m away from the EmonPi … so can’t do a wired connection.