Emon pi Input Problem

I have a Problem with the Input off an external Source.
The Source is on 192.178.65 and Sending the Data to the EmonCms.org witout any Problem.
If i Connect the Source Output Data to an emonpi on 192.178.61/emoncms
/Input/post.json there is no Input Data on the emonpi ?
So I am Sure there is an simple Solution for that .
I someone Nows the Trick please let me now.
Best regards Helmut

There is no ohne WHO Can auswer me this question??

Have patience. Some of us have other things to do, like earning a living. If no-one answers in a few days, I’ll try to find someone who can answer you.

Silly question, but are you using the correct API key for local Emoncms? Can you post to local emoncms Inputs via your web browser.

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Please give us some more info e.g. screen shots and log files

Also the above IP address is missing digits IE 192.178.61.XXX


Hallo Here is a Screen Shoot from the Source-Hardware
With this Settings i can put the Data to the EmonCMS.org Input
And all is Fine.

Bit If i change the Remote Server Host from Source Hardware to the local emon pi Settings
Remote Server Host to than

Sorry i Posted it wrong it is actually

You need to blank out your API key as that shouldn’t be shared online.
I don’t know what software your using so I cant help you there.


What is the source hardware? I’ve not seen this before

It called Web Control Server from