Emon Hub not reading all registers of Energy meter

So, i have a energy meter that does modbus rtu. i have the below config in emonhub and get reading in the logs for like 3 of the parameters, eg: V, P, IMP and it says it is unable to read other registers.

however, if i read just the I register, that paramater is read fine individually. What might be the problem. Any help?

        Type = EmonHubMinimalModbusInterfacer
            device = /dev/ttyUSB0
            baud = 9600
            pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,
            read_interval = 15
            nodename = selec
            # prefix = sdm_
                    address = 2
                    registers = 21,23,29,15,3
                    names = V,I,MD,P,IMP
                    precision = 2,2,2,2,2

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I also have a question, is there a way to pull data from say address 1 to 30 and then parse via emonhub somehow. i suspect that might be the problem too.

You need to check the actual model of the meter and determine what the MODBUS register layout is.

Yeah, i have all those details and am listing out the correct register addresses etc. Turns out the issue might be due to polling each register separately or something.

I am experimenting the same with nodered and if i pull all registers to gether it is returning all the values…

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