EmnonLib for Arduino

Hi everybody,
Few time ago I found your Energy Monitor for Arduino, I tested it in my Arduino and works great, but checking the sources in library I found something that I do not understand, exactly in voltage calibration.
In your library for calibration voltage you use this value : 1,7; long ago, when I was studying to find the RMS value of a sinusoidal signal, was to multiply the peak-peak voltage for root of 2 (1,41), this in domestic power, Vrms 220V value, in the case of three phases was to multiply the value peak-peak voltage for root of 3 (1,71), Vrms 380V.
I do not know if I am wrong or not, but if I use Energy monitor for domestic power I must change de calibration voltage value to 1,41, isn’t it?.

Where do you read that? I do not think there is a calibration voltage of 1.7 anywhere.
There is the phase & timing error correction “PHASECAL” which has the default value of 1.7, which is a factor in the extrapolation of the voltage wave in order to compensate for phase errors in the transformers and the time delay between voltage and current readings.

You will find all the instructions to calibrate your energy monitor in Resources > Building Blocks.

Thank you for the information.
I had mistaken in this value, this happen when I don’t read all information.