Email Event Process

I have read in another tread that there is an event module to provide an Email process when a feed reads a set point. Can anyone tell me what software version has this or how can it be set up.
I am monitoring the power usage on three fans and would like the Emonbase or Emoncms to email me if the readings drop within a certain point or to zero.
I am using a EmonTX with 3 current clamps reading from an Emonbase which is connected to a Windows 7 PC by a cat 5 cable. I am using Emoncms Low write 9.8.6 2017.05.10

Emoncms Low write 9.8.6 2017.05.10 will have the eventp module included as standard.

See the “New EventP Module on 9.3 2016.01.26” thread for more info. You will need to install swiftmailer if you haven’t already.