Elster A1700 62056-21

Has anyone had any experience reading the Elster A1700 using a Raspberry Pi and serial port?

I’m interested in using the serial port on the meter (RS232) and a Python script or a function in Node-Red to extract the data.

I found this topic: Reading ELSTER - A1700 Three Phase Meter from 2017 but it doesn’t seem to be resolved.

I’ve downloaded this Python script from Github GitHub - leonardoecv/A1700-meter-readuot: Python3 script to implement readout of measurements data from ABB ELSTER A1700 power meter but I couldn’t get the meter to authenticate and the script isn’t great.

I use Elster Smartset to read the meter on a windows PC with no issues, so I know the meter passwords, baud rate and parity settings. Is there a Smartset for Linux?

Can anyone share a Python script or Node-Red function that works?

I tried and have the infrared cable but never got it to work