Electrical parameters monitoring

I have arduino and raspberry pi modules. I am planning to use raspberry pi for automation with OPENHAB2 installed and arduino for montioring with OPEN ENERGY MONITORING. But, can I transfer current sensor data from arduino to raspberry ? If it is please let me know how to that? I want to see the sensor data graphically and values in my openhab page!

Yes, serially by direct connection, or by radio using the RFM69CW at one end and the RFM69Pi module at the other. You should find details of the serial connection in Resources (it’s how it happens inside the emonPi), and the RFM69CW and RFM69Pi are in the shop.

I have arduino UNO ,I want to monitor electrical parameters such as current,voltage,apparent power,realpower,reactive power,powerfactor,power consumed,cost of power consumed.Can I do it with arduino UNO board with emoncms installed in it? PLEASE DO GIVE ME TUTORIAL FOR IT how to install emoncms and monitor above parameters.I dont want to work with emontx or emonpi…

Emoncms will not be able to be installed on an Arduino. You will need either a Pi, your own server or use Emoncms.org

The Arduino will only be able to collect the data from sensors you attach and program and then with either an Ethernet Shield or Wifi Shield send to to the Emoncms installed on your selected platform

For example. My system comprises of a remote Nano and MKRZero in my Bee hives which collect data from temperature and humidity sensors etc. The MKRZero collects data from an MPPT solar charger. The data is then sent via Xbee’s to a Mega2560 at a set interval which parses the data, makes sense of it and then sends it over my Wifi to my own server I rent elswhere with Emoncms installed. This then displays the data in a pretty format using the dashboard module


Okay I will only upload emon sketches to arduino uno , then i will make a circuit with current sensor and voltage sensor. So, now can i check the sensor data through emoncms online ? without installing emoncms in arduino?

As I have said you will need to send the data collected by the Arduino to an platform with Emoncms installed. Either a Pi locally, your own server space or an account on Emoncms.org

So the data flow is

Sensors ---->Arduino—>WiFi or Ethernet—>Emoncms


Thank you for spending your valuable time.

My data flow will be like

Sensors ----> Arduino–> Serially connected to Raspberry Pi ----> EmonCms.org

Is it possible?

Yes that is possible. Although to simplify you could leave out the Pi and use an Ethernet or WiFi module on the Arduino to send the data to Emoncms.org


Yes, I have to purchase additional wifi module, instead of it I can directly serially connect to raspberry pi which is already connected to wifi network!

You can have emoncms on your Raspberry Pi.

I have loaded emon library sketch in my arduino board.I have installed openhab in raspberry Pi. Now,I want to monitor electrical parameters from emoncms.org.What are the things i have to do to monitor parameters from sensors data.I dont want to connect ethernet shield to arduino,I want to make serial connection between raspberry Pi and arduino Uno.Please give me solution to connect serially between arduino and raspberry.

I have already told you how to do this: Look at the circuit diagram and interconnections for the emonPi, in Resources. The emonPi has inside the same processor as your Arduino, connected to a Raspberry Pi. It uses the Tx & Rx lines on the FTDI connector to connect to the Pi’s GPIO.

I have installed Openhab in raspberrypi and loaded open energy monitoring sketch to arduino UNO.Now,I want to monitor energy in EMONCMS.How to interface serially arduino UNO with raspberry pi so,that without using Ethernet shield I want to transfer my sensors data to EMONCMS

My data flow will be like

How to do above data flow in hardware as well in software

Do i need to install EMONCMS in raspberry pi?

If you want to run emonCMS on your Raspberry Pi, then you must have emonHub and emonCMS on your Raspberry Pi. If you want to use emoncms.org instead of emonCMS on your Raspberry Pi, then I think you only need emonHub on your Raspberry Pi.

my doubt is like I have arduino UNO i have dumbed emon current and voltage sketch in arduino and I have connected current sensor and voltage sensor to arduino ,Now I want to transfer this sensors data to emoncms.org, How can I do that? Do i need load another sketch for arduino?

Have you read my replies above? If you can’t or don’t want to download all the circuit diagrams and sketches and look to see how it is done inside the emonPi, see here.

In a PM., @praveen_kumar reported that he is deeply confused. His initial request was to transfer the data serially from an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi.

The emonPi, as sold in the OEM Shop, is a cut-down emonTx and a Raspberry Pi inside the same box, with an LCD and pushbutton added, and the Raspberry Pi also has an RFM69Pi module to allow it to transmit to an emonGLCD and receive from several emonTHs or emonTx’s. The emonTx sends its data to the RPi’s GPIO port serially.

Therefore, the easiest way to achieve what you want is to replicate the parts of the emonPi that are important to you. Those are the cut-down emonTx (which is what your Arduino is doing) and the RPi.

I shall not tell you what to connect, I will tell you how to find out for yourself. That way, you will know for next time.
Get the emonPi schematic diagram from Resources. Find the RXD and TXD lines from the AtMega processor and find the same labels on the RPi GPIO. You’ll need to find the RXD and TXD on your Arduino. You can connect the TXD from the RPi directly to your Arduino, but you MUST add a voltage divider in the TXD line coming from your Arduino to reduce the voltage from 5 V to 3.3 V. The same is necessary on your emonTx Shield to reduce the voltage for the RFM69Pi, so copy what is done there. Connect to the same GPIO pins on your RPi. You’ll also need to connect the two GNDs together. That’s all you need.

Firmware - RPi:
Buy an 8GB SD card, and download the latest emoncms image. Follow the instructions in the emonPi firmware guide in Resources.

Arduino Sketch:
You need to change your Arduino sketch to send data via the serial port in the format that emonHub expects. This thread gives the format: Emonhub interfacer for 'new' emontx serial format - #2 by glyn.hudson
You must not send anything else at all via the serial port.

In the configuration, you will need to set up an interfacer as described in that same thread and in the GIthub readme that’s linked from it.
In emonHub, you can also send your data to emoncms.org, as well as, or instead of, to the emoncms running on your RPi.

Sir, I have installed emoncms in my PC running with xampp server, Now how to transfer sensor data from arduino uno to my emoncms in PC

Can I transfer using USB TO TTL converter?