Electrical bill prevision


I have been working in a system to make a prevision of the electrical bill, including 2 different time slots and the compensation for the solar energy injected to the grid. This system is called via telegram.

It is completed, at last, and I want to document it to this forums. Maybe it can be useful for someone.

Step 1)
I have created this schedule in the emoncms:

Step 2)
I have created new input rules on the power1 input, as this image describes:

The power 2 input rules are the normal of a type 2 solar installation:

Step 3)
I have created a bash script to call the database and process the data:
obtedades.zip (989 Bytes)

Step 4)
I have created a node-red flow to call the script using telegram:

I’m not a programmer, and I’m sure that this system can be hugely improved. But it works, at least (and at last):

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Thanks for sharing @poldom!