Eight day week in my email report - V11 upgrade problem?

Hi, today’s email report shows Monday to Sunday with my expected kWh consumption values, but then a second Monday on the end, with -12,331.6kWh. Same figures appear on the email report page on Emoncms.org:

Monday -12,331.6 kWh

You used 105496% less than the previous week
You used 19657% less than UK household average

Recorded figures at my end and on emoncms.org appear normal. I like the idea of generating 1.76 MWh a day (!), but I’m taking a guess that the Emoncms V11 upgrade has caused a glitch - anyone else seeing the same?

EDIT: Just tried my solar generation report and it’s showing an error:

Not enough days returned in data request
Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/emoncms/index.php on line 522


Me too; 7 days look fine, Total is Monday and very negative.

There’s certainly something not quite right as I also have the same issue.
I saw the anomaly in the email this morning and only just had the time to check the recorded data on both emoncms.org & my local emonpi instance has identical data points with the last day reported incorrectly and with a negative value.

Email Daily breakdown:
Monday 37.8 kWh
Tuesday 30.3 kWh
Wednesday 34.3 kWh
Thursday 33.9 kWh
Friday 32.1 kWh
Saturday 28.0 kWh
Sunday 15.3 kWh
Monday -14,185.6 kWh

emoncms Daily breakdown:
2022-03-14 37.8
2022-03-15 30.3
2022-03-16 34.3
2022-03-17 33.9
2022-03-18 32.1
2022-03-19 28.0
2022-03-20 15.3
2022-03-21 15.1

Looks like I’ve missed something, will look into it!

Thanks Trystan, Monday consumption figure is now back to its expected value, but the solar generation report is still showing an error.


Should now be all fixed. Let me know if you see any issues.

Looks good to me.

Many thanks once again!