Edit Emoncms navigation bar


I have a Debian server with ip on which run emoncms and another web app.

I would need to make a change to the navigation bar of emoncms.

I would add an additional link next to Extra pointing to

The code should be like this :

<li class=" menu-right"><a href="">
    <div style="display: inline">
    <i class="icon-home icon-white" title="Home"></i> 
    <span class="menu-text">Home</span>

And this is the result:

How and where do I put the code for this configuration ?

Thank you so much.


I believe in this file menu_view.php here would be the best place:


I’ve not tested this


I removed the comment from the code you posted and modified for my needs.

Almost perfect!

Here it is:

// Example how to add a fixed menu item:
    $menu['right'][] = array(
    'icon'=>'icon-home icon-white', 
    'order' => 60,
    'divider' => true);

The only problem is that the default path is already
So I added a redirect.php in emoncms folder pointing at

For the moment it works fine.

Thanks so much!


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