Edit Button Missing after 6 Dashboards Created


See attached pic, I have created 6 dashboards and want to create more, but the edit button is missing with the gray bar… Only way to retrieve it is to disable published dashboards from 6 to 3 which will bring the black bar at the top back to normal size. instead of double size.

After Disabling all but 3 of the dashboards, then the black bar at the top returns to normal size, and edit button is back with the gray bar.

Using low-write 9.7.3 on raspberry pi 3.

It’s because you have set too many of your dashboards as ‘published’ - which adds a shortcut to the menu bar.
The system was never intended to accommodate so many, especially with long names.

Unpublish a few, and access them via the dashboards menu, and you should be ok.


Paul, Thx for the reply.

I do want all the dashboards accessed without a login, without setting them published, I can’t access them without creating text>heading and specifying html code link to the dashboards.

If I set the dashboards “not published” then log out I don’t see the other dashboards in the dashboards drop down menu.

Set them as public?


Yep, set to public.


Potential related issue? Joyrider3774 posted that he found several bugs in the latest pull of dashboard and emoncms that when set to public or private, sql errors occur on the back end.

Oh, I see what you mean!
But you are discussing 2 separate issues here, the first being that adding too many dashboards as published is choking the menu system.

…and secondly that the dropdown menu for dashboards is not visible when not logged in?

Is this correct?


Apologies for not phrasing it correctly, that is correct.